SAEOPP Scholarship Competition

SAEOPP is pleased to announce the official opening of the SAEOPP Academic and Survivor Scholarship Competition. The Academic Scholarship is given to those Pre-College and Adult Learners who display outstanding academics and community service within their education career. The Survivor Scholarship is designed for students who have overcome major challenges and obstacles to persevere academically. 

This year SAEOPP will utilize a single application for both scholarships. A sample of the application as well as the rubric can be found below. TRIO Staff are expected to complete the application for these awards, please read the direction carefully to ensure all information is provided when the application is submitted.

The deadline to apply is November 2, 2018
(applications submitted after 11/2/2018 at 11:59:59 will not be accepted)

For a detailed instructional video of the application process, please view the Scholarship Instructional Webinar below:

Scholarship Instructional Webinar