SAEOPP Elections 2019-2021

SAEOPP Elections are under way!  This year we have 3 candidates for President, and one candidate for every other office.  Please read below additional information about each candidate.  Below is the timeline for the current election:

 Date      Action
 July 29, 2016 Candidates notified that their nomination has been approved by the SAEOPP Board and they may officially begin campaigning
 August 1 - September 4, 2016     Campaign period
 Sept. 5-16, 2016  Elections open on
(no campaigning during election period)
 October 10, 2016  Winners notified

* close of business is by 5:30 PM EDT 

Candidates will send official messages to membership by the SAEOPP email list on August 4th (a video message), and on August 16th and 30th.  Candidates may also send up to two (2) messages through state presidents to state membership as well.  Feel free to reach out to any candidate for more information about their platform, and reason for running!

As a member of SAEOPP, you are encouraged to:
  • avail yourself of available background information about candidates for elected positions in SAEOPP; 
  • determine which candidates are best qualified to help SAEOPP achieve its mission; and
  • make independent decisions about which candidates to vote for.
Any practices that distort the democratic processes of the SAEOPP elections, such as vote trading for the purpose of supporting candidates, are unacceptable.  The candidates have agreed to follow the 2017-2019 Campaign Rules (attachment at bottom of page).  Report any unethical behavior relating to this campaign to

 Selena Blair - SC
University of South Carolina- Upstate

 William Curry - GA
Atlanta Metropolitan State College

No Video Submitted
 Jeanne Stokes -TN
Tusculum College

Tom Rowland - KY
Morehead State University

Acquanetta Pinkard - AL
Alabama State University


Raymond Cabrera - FL
University of South Florida

No Video Submitted

To see all information and timelines for nominations, please click on the subpage below.
Matthew Hyden,
Aug 10, 2016, 5:26 AM